Dash Weather
Dash Weather

Dash Weather is a simple, beautiful weather app that shows you the current conditions, hourly details, and the forecast for the next week. There’s really not much more to say about it than that.

There have been many iterations of Dash Weather over the years. Born on the webOS platform, it originally lived in the notification dashboard (hence the name). It was then fleshed out into a full standalone app and ported to other platforms such as FirefoxOS, Blackberry 10, and the web. The app has been rewritten from scratch whenever I’m trying to learn something new. It’s already been through vanilla JS, EnyoJS, AngularJS, and was most recently rebuilt with Angular2. The current iteration lives on the web but has the capability to be “installed” as a web app in Android or iOS.

Technologies Used

  • Angular (v2), the JavaScript framework used to build the app.
  • Progressive web app APIs to make it "installable".