WebOS OSE Manager
WebOS OSE Manager

WebOS OSE Manager (or WOSEM for short) is basically a GUI client on top of LG's Ares SDK.

I've been involved, mostly on the homebrew side, with every version and incarnation of webOS since it came out on June 6 2009. When LG announced they were open sourcing the version they've been using on their TVs (webOS OSE), I knew I had to jump in and build something. But what? Well, back in the early days of webOS, my pal Jason Robitaille built WebOS Quick Install. This Java app let users easily install apps, patches, themes, and had many other useful utilities. Why not try to build my own version of his app for webOS OSE? I had been wanting to try Electron anyway, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Technologies Used

  • VueJS, the JavaScript framework used to build the app.
  • Electron, to enable distribution as a native application.
  • LG Ares SDK, for communication to webOS OSE devices.